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It takes a village to conceive, develop, and run an organization like ours. We first extend our thanks to Mark Rantala, Executive Director at Lake County Ohio Port and Economic Development Authority.


Mark sketched out the concept for The Miracle League of Lake County on a piece of paper and approached Dennis Morley, Mayor/Safety Director of the City of Eastlake. The rest is history, thanks to a lot of hard work from a lot of people who made this dream a reality.

Board of Directors

  • Jay H. McDonald | President

  • Bryan D. Thomas | Vice President

  • Patricia C. Schulz | Secretary

  • Carmen P. Paterniti | Treasurer

  • Jeffrey Leahy | Board Member

  • Judy Moran | Board Member

  • Timothy M. O'Brien | Board Member

  • Denise Scott | Board Member

  • Jen Yorko | Board Member

Operations Team


Our all-volunteer Operations Team oversees every aspect of operating, maintaining, and promoting The Miracle League of Lake County. From repairs and season schedules to signing up athletes, buddies, and other volunteers, these folks know how to get things done, and they know how to have fun doing it.

  • Jordan Taylor

  • Jacob Banker

  • Jaret Banker

  • Amanda Blazetic

  • Rebecca Boslett

  • Dan Denihan

  • Retta Furlan

  • Jaqui Grech

  • Jeff May

  • Keith McCloskey

  • Colleen Murdock

  • Mike Piper

  • Kelly Preto

  • Caitlin Schudel

  • Terri Stefanko

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Miracle League of Lake County
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