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  Sponsored by LUBRIZOL  

Thanks to the generosity of The Lubrizol Corporation, our adaptive playground opened to the public in August 2017.

A great deal of thought and care went into designing the Miracle League Playground. We even flew to Minnesota to see where the equipment was produced and learn more about creating a fun, yet safe playground.

Materials and Amenities

The playground surface uses a latex-free rubber called Pebble-Flex. This choice of materials is critical, as many disabled kids are prone to latex allergy.

All playground equipment has ramps and is wheelchair accessible. Some offer sensory play with the addition of musical items and when quiet time is desired, the igloo offers a safe and silent space.

One of the most exciting offerings at the playground is the zip-line. There's nothing like kicking your wheelchair or walker to the curb, getting lifted into the seat, and experiencing the freedom of flight and movement with no restrictions or restraints.


We hope you enjoy our special playground and invite you to contact us with any questions or suggestions.

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Miracle League of Lake County
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