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  Sunday 6/2 | LAKE FARMPARK  

Join us for a fun evening with fellow athletes and their families!

  Sunday 6/9 | UNIFORM DAY  

Come on down to Miracle Park and pick up your uniform. Excited? We sure are!

  Saturday 6/15 | OPENING DAY!  

It's finally here! Let's play ball! 

Congratulations to The Miracle League of Lake County!
The Deepwood Foundation 2022 Charity of the Year

Lake County's Happiest Acre!


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2024 Morley A Edited.jpg


January 7, 2024 was a very sad day for the City of Eastlake, the Miracle League, and especially for his family and friends. We were all heartbroken to hear of the passing of Mayor Dennis Morley.

Dennis was THE key figure in making the Miracle League dream a reality at 91 and Vine. It was his hard work, dedication, and endless fundraising, along with his political position, that brought the League into existence. This alone would make the Miracle League a large part of his legacy but in reality, it's much more. Because it's not unusual for a politician to hitch their wagon to a “worthy cause” and show up for photo ops and handshakes to further their political interests. That wasn't Dennis.

He cared deeply about the athletes and families, and proved it with his actions. On summer Saturdays, it's easy to find excuses to shirk a “duty” and do what you'd like instead, especially if you are the city's busiest man. But Dennis never made excuses or found something better to do. He showed up every week and at special events, despite having a schedule with assignments 365 days a year. In the rare case he couldn't, he sent a note of regret.


"Need something, just text" wasn't just a line. When we texted, Dennis responded and it was done.

The Mayor often said that he liked being at the Miracle Field “because it's the only place around town where I don't get yelled at.” You will be missed dearly, Mayor, and we hope you are proud of your legacy bringing happiness to so many, now and into the future. You were the Mayor to many, but a true friend to us. We love you, Dennis. RIP.

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