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Thanks to all our athletes, families, volunteers, and sponsors for our most exciting season yet!

We can't wait to announce when registration begins for 2024.

Enjoy the upcoming holidays and have a great winter!

Congratulations to The Miracle League of Lake County!
The Deepwood Foundation 2022 Charity of the Year

Lake County's Happiest Acre!


Pat Langdon Miracle League
Pat Langdon with Statue.jpg



Pat was a great friend to the Miracle League – a lifelong friend to many of us, and a great friend to our athletes and parents. He was always at the field and was a great promoter of what we do. Pat was also part of the TalkBack Fans group that broadcasts some of our games. Pat wrote this essay after Opening Day 2021, which captures Pat's humanity and passion for the Miracle League. It is a tribute to the athletes, their families and the league, but mostly it tells us who Pat was. He valued us all.

"Being at this ballpark with these families is among my favorite things I get to do. The single greatest thing in a sea of great things the Miracle League provides, in my humble opinion, is it affords these athletes a place and a chance to play! It's a chance to put on a uniform and enjoy a day playing the greatest game ever invented. It's a chance to hear their name boom over the PA system, hear the roar of the crowd, the crack of the bat! To be part of a team... to be part of the game. That's baseball... Miracle League Baseball!

This game is the fabric of families and relationships and none are stronger than what goes on there every time the schedule plays out. I am truly humbled to be a very small part of this league. I am in awe of these athletes and their families... not just their perseverance and strength, but for the happiness and joy they attack their circumstances with. I'm glad I get to witness it again. It's a master class in how to live life!"

Pat Langdon | July 31, 2021

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