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We are pleased to welcome back TalkBack Fans, the official broadcasters of The Miracle League of Lake County for the 2023 season. Their contribution to our community last season was invaluable. Not only did they generate excitement with their play-by-play commentary, but their videos allowed family, friends, and fans of the athletes to experience the action even if they were out of town or unable to attend the game.

TalkBackFans also gave our athletes the opportunity to be "on the air," building their confidence as they showed everyone what they CAN do. It's hard to place a value on the services they provide to The Miracle League of Lake County family. We appreciate everything they do!

Matt Herman 2020 Cropped.jpg


“The Voice of
The Miracle League”

Perhaps no volunteer is more integral to creating game-day excitement than our play-by-play announcer, Matt Herman. Matt brings life to the action with his signature catch phrases, positive attitude, and pride in his craft.

Matt announces basketball games for the Broadmoor Bobcats; North High School freshman and JV football, volleyball, and girls and boys basketball; and Eastlake Middle School basketball and volleyball.


Matt is a reading buddy at Thomas Jefferson and North High School. And he does such a great job that TalkBackFans employs him at various events throughout the area.

Thanks, Matt, for being such a great part of our league!


TalkBack Fans Logo Square.png

Local Sports.
National Attitude.

TalkBack Fans provides weekly coverage of local high school and college games, programs, and special events, including those of The Miracle League of Lake County.

Check out their weekly Sports Talk Show every Tuesday night at 7:00 pm, broadcast from Lino’s in Wickliffe. Join hosts Danny Boyce, Terry Heil, and Alex Heil.

Enjoy additional contributions from Jay Kron (The News Herald) and the TBF 2.0 crew (Andrew Heil, Brandon Langdon and Colin Langdon). And don't forget to Like their Facebook page to stay current on podcasts and other local and national sports information!

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